Prochains Swiss Tech Talk à Fribourg le 9.12: Getting started with DRUPAL

La prochaine soirée Swiss Tech Talks aura lieu le 9 décembre prochain à 1900 au restaurant de l’Ancienne Gare à Fribourg.

Le thème de la soirée sera DRUPAL, le CMS.

Drupal is powerful, that’s just a “pointless to argue against” fact!

From then on, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if you turn to it for your online project; showcase website, e-commerce, community or mobile style. Even if relevant for hundreds of thousands very different cases, this well known open source content manager is yet often seen as a real Heath Robinson system.  Matthieu Legouis aka your Drupal technology specialist will be presenting & demonstrating the incredible software, pointing out its strengths & weaknesses.


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